- Micro Magic: 

A small sailboat (53 cm in lenght) assembled from a kit manufactured by Graupner. Class rules allow some modifications over the kit, including different rigs and sails. The class is represented by an international association and there are national associations in several countries. There are two versions of Micro Magic, an older one (denominated MK1) and a more recent (denominated MK2) and both are allowed by the class rules. Both versions have the same hull dimensions, with small differences in the bow, keel, rudder, deck lines and stern. The major competition is the European championship.



Useful information:

- International Class Association

- Class rules

- Builder


National Associations:

- Australia

- Belgium

- Canada

- Denmark

- England

- Finland

- France

- Germany

- Hungary

- Italy

- Japan

- Netherlands

- New Zealand

- Portugal

- Russia

- Spain

- Swedish

- Switzerland

- United States



Some Micro Magic pictures

Comparison of the two version (MK2 left and MK1 right)