- A Class:

This class began in 1922, through a challenge promoted by the British magazine Yachting Monthly, which had the intention to develop a sailboat similar to the full size International Six Metre Class at a 1:6 scale. The A Class is a development class and the sailboats must fit in a formula that demands a balance between waterline length, displacement and sail area, allowing a lot of freedom in the design. There are no restrictions on construction materials, as well as on the number of control channels. The A Class are the biggest sailboats among all international classes, measuring usually between 1,6 and 2,3 meters of total length and weighting from 13 to more than 20 Kg. Due to its size, weight and inertia these boats resembles a full size boat, which looks very elegant on the water. Their classic big yacht lines make these an aesthetically pleasing model to the onlooker. Unfortunately the exaggerated size of the boats and the difficulty of transportation have reduced their popularity and the class is only followed in a few dedicated countries.



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