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It is the only one design class in Brazil and the boat fits on the IOM class rules. The boat was designed in Brazil, in 1991, by Antonio Carlos Vadalá Guimarães. It is supposed to be a one design, low cost, IOM. However, the design is a bit old and probably wouldn’t be very competitive when racing against modern IOM fleets without modifications. Boats must be constructed by homologated builders and on homologated moulds in order to be class legal. It guarantees all hulls to be strictly identical. Hull material is fiberglass and exotic fibers are not allowed, not even in the keel or rudder. Sails can not be paneled. The class exists in Brazil (where it has been created), Argentina and Chile and it has been controlled by the ULY (Latin-American RC Yachting Union). The main class competition is the South American Championship, when people from the three countries meet for racing.



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